CH Delivery App

CH Delivery App is designed for authentic Asian food delivery in USA. CH Delivery introduces the most efficient way to order. People only need to pick up their phone and make a few clicks. Then food will bedelivered by professional delivery drivers, safe and fast. Payment system is also embedded in the app which allows people pay with all major bank cards.

Mixiong Daddy Online Store

Relying on rich e-commerce operation experience and advanced Internet technology, Mixiong Daddy Online store is a vertical type of large-scale maternal and infant e-commerce platform developed by QEdge. This is an all-channel and integrated mother-infant retail solution combining the leading online e-commerce platform with offline terminal stores. To create online and offline zero barrier exchange, online shopping malls and stores play their respective advantages. On the basis of ensuring the quality of goods, we will maximize the concessions and convenience for customers, and devote ourselves to providing extraordinary all-round shopping enjoyment for consumers.

Meteor ping-pong bats custom sales system

The custom sales system allow users to personalize ping-pong bats by selecting customized patterns and materials of bats online.

Distributors, major target users of the system, select materials of ping-pong bats, customize logos or patterns on surfaces and handles and place orders through only a few clicks. A real-time preview picture will be generated online according to users’ preferences.
Meteor admin, our client, can easily manage products, prices, orders and through the system backstage.

Runfeng group official website

We re-designed the Runfeng group official website using vibrant colors and modern webpage structures. We also applied the latest technology on the website which speeded up the site and improved user experience. We pay attention to every detail.

COURAGE® Acquisition and Demolition Information Management System

The COURAGE® Acquisition and Demolition Information Management System comprises one platform and three systems: an acquisition information management system, a demolition information system, and a resettlement house information system. Adopting this constructive, expandable tool helps government departments to deal with the vital task of managing massive amounts of acquisition and demolition information in a cost-effective, practical way.

Ali Car Online Imported Vehicle Sales System

Ali Car is an online imported vehicle sales system, developed for the Shengrun Group.
Ali Car has a website and a mobile app, both of which list vehicles for sale (model, type, and price) and other services, as well as related business management functions.

DayDayUp Online Education Platform

Day Day Up is an integrated educational information and resource sharing platform, designed to facilitate communication between teachers and parents. Day Day Up is devoted to providing the best, most comprehensive information service and exchange community.

Pien Tze Huang Online Store

This website presents company store information. As well as the latest company news, Pien Tze Huang products, various activities, notifications and other articles of interest can be displayed on this website. In order to follow the new trend of online shopping, we also built an online store for Qingdao Pien Tze Huang Store.

eJukebox – Online Jukebox

QEdge and eJukebox carried out research and then designed the powerful online jukebox and broadcasting control system together. Users can download the app, or open the website, and then request their favourite songs online in bars and clubs. DJs will see the requested song list in real time and can decide which song to broadcast next, considering the atmosphere.
Both users and DJs can arrange songs easily, with only a few clicks, by using eJukebox.

KDZ Online Reservation System Website & Apps

KDZ offers merchants an O2O food ordering and reservation management platform to maximize your profit by reducing your costs, increasing your efficiency and improving your marketability. This is done by creating a database plus a network with all your valuable customers.