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iSF Innov is an incubator for international high-tech industries. Located in Qingjiang Road, Shibei District (former Sifang district), it focuses on leading-edge research across various a spectrum of online technologies – such as electronic power and biotechnology – and is dedicated to international technology transfer, commercialization and localization.

iSF Innov acts as an accelerator, transferring advanced technologies and projects – joint ventures, collaborations, technology transfer and authorization – from Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland to China. iSF innov specialises in supporting local innovative startups which are exploring the overseas market.

To date, iSF Innov startups have earned ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications and a Maturity Level 3 rating for Development with the Software Engineering Institute (SEI)’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). They have also been awarded various local awards, from for example the National High-Tech Enterprise Program, Qingdao Expert Workstation, Qingdao Advanced Technology Enterprise and Qingdao International Technology Transfer Center.

iSF Innov now owns a 2,000 square meter enterprise service, technology transfer and show center in Qingdao.

In addition to infrastructure services, iSF helps startups accelerate their businesses by providing a comprehensive array of services, including marketing research, Internet development services, brand & marketing promotion, E-commerce support and government/business investment.

iSF innov has successfully invested in a variety entrepreneurial projects, such as on the Day Day Up educational television programme, KDZ’s online booking system, AliCar’s online sales platform, eJukebox and MobileDen, and has co-operated extensively with the Australia listed company The Gruden Group (Sydney stock exchange stock code: GGL), BioSA and Grey Innovation. Besides this, iSF Innov has made remarkable progress in international hi-tech transfer. iSF Innov helps promising tech entrepreneurs build success stories – see for example the China South Australia Biotech Co-operation Center, Sino–Australian Internet and E-Commerce Co-operation Base and the Qingdao Sino–European Industrial Power Supply Co-operation Base.


iSF has strategic alliances with various cooperation partners, with whom we work together to provide access to early-stage capital, cutting-edge technology, experienced mentors, business consulting, courses and events for business network expansion. All of our services are designed to help you, as entrepreneurs, fast-track your business ventures.

Case Studies

Day Day Up

Day Day Up is an integrated educational information and resource sharing platform, designed to facilitate communication between teachers and parents. Day Day Up is devoted to providing the best, most comprehensive information service and exchange community.

Ali Car

Ali Car is an online imported vehicle sales system developed for the Shengrun Group. Ali Car has both a website and mobile app, and to demonstrate vehicle model, type, price and other services as well as related business management functionalities.


eJukebox is a technically advanced jukebox that accepts requests from a mobile phone and also plays music 24/7 throughout the entirety of a venue where it is setup. It can plug into any existing sound system and can easily extend to cover any size venue.

KDB Online Education System

KDB Online Education System is an interactive educational web app, which includes online exams and exam correcting as well as feedback. It aims to help students review lessons learned from off-line classes, complete online examinations and facilitate analysis of the results.

PTH Online Sales Platform

This website presents company store information. As well as the latest company news, Pien Tze Huang products, various activities, notifications and other healthy articles can be displayed on this website. In order to follow the new trend of online shopping, we also built an online store for Qingdao Pien Tze Huang Store.

COURAGE® Acquisition and Demolition Information Management System

The COURAGE® Acquisition and Demolition Information Management System includes one platform and three systems: an acquisition information management system, a demolition information system and a resettlement house information system. Adopting this constructive, expandable tool helps government departments deal with the vital task of managing massive amounts of acquisition and demolition information in a cost-effective, practical way.


Highly efficient and powerful restaurant management system. KuaiDingZuo offers merchants an O2O Food ordering and Reservation Management Platform to maximize your profit via reducing your costs, increasing your efficiency and improving your marketability by creating a database plus a network with all your valuable customers.

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      iSF has a variety of infrastructure available – office space, fully equipped meeting rooms, individual or shared offices and high-speed Internet – along with dining and recreation facilities as a backup service. At iSF we endeavour to improve and optimise not only the hard environment, but also the soft environment, building in the advantage of new value. iSF Innov is planning to invest in a nearby football field and badminton court, too.

      iSF Seed Funding

      iSF has formed a strategic partnership with an established investment corporation, enabling us to offer seed funding to support and grow your business.

      We’re here to share best practices, networking, mentoring, as well as educational and financial resources to better assist innovation startups.

      • Internet+ solutions

      • brand promotion and marketing

      • government support and subsidies applications

      • customer and channel partner introductions.

      To better serve startups, iSF offers a full suite of services including business registration, recruitment, legal and financial support and investment to foster a sustainable and collaborative entrepreneurial environment.

      • Policy support

        Following Chinese local government policies, iSF Innov offers entrepreneurs business and strategic aids such as business registration, tax registration, project application and science and technology achievement appraisal.

      • Financial support

        iSF innov’s financial experts offer entrepreneurs financial support and counselling.

      • Legal support

        iSF innov’s legal experts offer entrepreneurs legal support and counselling.

      Meetings and specific workshops are regularly scheduled in the areas of policy, legal, startup investment, marketing, finance and HR training.

      Address:148 Qingjiang Road, Shibei District, Qingdao City


      • Address

        148 Qingjiang Road, Shibei District, Qingdao City
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        +86 532 6860 0500
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