China Wanda Digital Factory Project

The Wanda Digital Factory Application provides mobile solutions for China Wanda Group’s enterprises and factories. These are used for viewing basic engineering data, real-time data for equipment, pipelines and instruments, documentation, drawings, and 3D models. The solutions make it easy for managers and engineers to manage the internal safety and environment of each factory. The mobile front-end is integrated into Hexagon Smart Plant Foundation’s system, which is used in other Wanda Group subsystems and integrated into the mobile platform of Wanda Group. Currently, the mobile front-end supports multi-enterprise and factory expansion by allowing managers to view digital information for other factories in the group. The application is compatible with iOS, Android and large-screen systems, such as mainstream mobile phones and iPads. The development of this application has promoted the digital transformation of the group’s enterprises and greatly improved the collaboration among various departments.

Official Website For Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park is the main venue for 2000 Summer Olympics, now opens to the public. This Sitecore case is about the official website developed for Sydney Olympic Park, including 8 venue microsites. The site provides public services such as event forecasting, venue reservation etc. The website is also 100% WCAG(Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.0 compatible.

Internal Portal Website For ZTE

ZTE Corporation is a global leading telecommunication solution provider, the largest listed telecommunication company in China. This Sitecore case is about a internal portal website developed for ZTE, providing news and announcements updating, image and video online showcasing and corporate culture services to the company’s employees.

Official Website For Lionsgate Entertainment World

Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation is a titan in global movie industry, holding many well-known IPs like The Hunger Games and Twilight City. This Sitecore case is about the official website developed for “Lionsgate Entertainment World” theme park, which is located in Zhuhai. The website offers a series of online and offline digital experiences, such as event forecasting, ticket purchasing and attraction booking etc.